Where to find

The profucts of ‘Dennis and Corfiot’ franchise are sold throughout the Ionian islands and especially Zakynthos island, as well as duty free shops located in a number of Greek airports and ports. Additionally, our products can be found in all big retail greek super markets, food and spirit markets, wholesale and retail stores of Corfu island. Furthermore, ‘Dennis and Corfiot’ products are included in a number of traditional products stores in the old town of Corfu and also regional seasonal stores, super markets in tourist locations throughout the island while also, in a number of mini markets located near grand hotel firms of Corfu island.
Our fresh Kum Quat fruits are sold from December up to April in Super Market stores namely ‘Dimitra Market’ and ‘Markato’ in Corfu and ‘Lidl’ franchise throughout Greece. Furthermore, during Christmas and New Years eve our fruits are distributed exclusively in the Dutch market.
The Research manager, programming, promotion and distribution director Mr. Dennis is especially keen on endorsing the Kum Quat products in the rest of Greece while also, in developed countries abroad as unique products which combine the natural advantages of flavor, scent and traditions of Corfu.

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